So, You Want To Be A Recruiter?



Do you want to find people their dream job and help your company grow?

The truth is recruiting is sales. It is cold calling. It is convincing others that you are who they need to be talking to and you are the right connection. It is always having your phone on and ready to walk someone off of a client site. Recruiting is focusing on someone’s needs and finding the best fit. It is holding adults hands and helping them make grown up decisions.

Recruiting to me in 5 words: calls, convincing, questioning, verifying, leads.

These are just a few questions you should ask yourself.

  • Are you a great networker- do you know where people fit? Can you anticipate where they might be headed?
  • Are you curious and do you ask great questions… actually listening to the answer?
  • Can you tell someone “no”? Even when they are crying? 
  • Do you build great relationships? 
  • Are you comfortable with overcoming challenges daily?

How to Become a Recruiter: Get your foot in the door with an agency and learn how to recruit. It will be hard to get your footing at first, however, it will teach you how to recruit and deal with adversity. Then you can decide what career path to take. Average job tenure at an agency for a new recruiter is less than 6 months. But stick it out and become a recruiter who has learned how to deal with the atmosphere. Don’t be a recruiter who passes on candidates with job tenure issues when you are unable to last anywhere. Get two years and then you will have a great idea if this is for you.

Career Paths for Recruiters:
Agency Recruiter to Corporate Recruiter
Agency Recruiter to Niche Recruiter
Agency Recruiter to Human Resources
Agency Recruiter to Admissions Recruiter
Agency Recruiter to Sales at Agency
Agency Recruiter to Sales at Agency to Sales in another field

It is a great path to a career in many industries.  There will be a future post regarding becoming a recruiter.

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