Unlock Relationships that Transform Leadership

Unlock Relationships that Transform Leadership.

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I knew too much when I was younger. Now that I’m older, I have the same problem. But, the thing that most expands leadership is the belief that we don’t know.

Those who think they know are worse off than those who know they don’t.

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Advice on Failure from Louis CK

Anytime I can add some Louis CK it is always a good thing. Life-Quotes-Leaving-behind-failure-Louis-CKFailure4

I know it is cliche to talk about what you learned… when did a weakness materialize? However if you are able to take the time and learn from the situation you will grow. Learning is important and great knowledge comes from devastating failure.

To be transparent, my greatest failures have always been when my expectations and ability to communicate do not intersect at the right point. Team work is so reliant on those two things coming together at the right time. I have spent countless hours working to be a better communicator and making sure my team is aware of the expectations are clearly communicated within the team. I am not afraid to say that I have left many a “dead body” on the floor and have been taught to look at it and gather information. Others have brought me back to the scene of the “crime” to make sure a failure in the now, becomes a success in the future.

See more life lessons from Loius CK here: caution possible some nsfw language.