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Email Efficiency

In today’s business world where everything is instant, and there is a computer in every pocket I find it important to set some rules. I was notorious with my recruiters for  “beating ” my email.  I could send an email from anywhere and call or be at their desk before they had a chance to read it.  It defeats the purpose of email and causes undo stress to the recruiter.So i read up on  and came to live by these rules:

  • Setup folders and automatic responses
  • Have a set time to check email, never the first thing in the morning.
  • Prioritize whether an email should be sent. Or, pick up the phone and talk.
  • Never read emails while in a meeting or at a lunch. It says: “I could care less about your time.”
  • Have set times that you check email and respond.
  • Clients/VIPs I respond within the hour always and have whatever the email addresses accomplished within 24 hours.  It is known as the 1×24 rule.
  • Setup expectations with your team regarding email and communication.

My hierarchy of communication:

  • Phone- This is for emergency’s and immediate conversation.
  • Text Message- Great for quick to the point QA – “Ping Me”
  • Email- Replaced mail and should be treated as such. 24-72 hour response.

Many recommend not checking email throughout the day and having auto responses address all incoming email.  I myself do not feel I can commit to my clients and the level of customer service I value doing that.  Let me know what you think.

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